Create a Flat version of a nested Object | Breadcrumbs Computation | JavaScript Interview Question
@Yomesh Gupta

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In many websites like E-commerce, Dashboards, etc there are breadcrumbs that users use to navigate between pages. This question is around that only. Suppose, you are given a nested object from the backend and you need to create a flat version of the object that can be used for breadcrumbs.

const data = {
  name: 'Devtools Tech',
  channel: {
    youtube: {
      link: '',
      name: 'Devtools Tech',
      subscribe: "true"
    platform: {
      link: '',
      resources: {
        pages: ['/questions', '/resources']

const output = transform(data, 'data');

    data_name: 'Devtools Tech',
    data_channel_youtube_link: '',
    data_channel_youtube_name: 'Devtools Tech',
    data_channel_youtube_subscribe: 'true',
    data_channel_platform_link: '',
    data_channel_platform_resources_pages: [ '/questions', '/resources' ]

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