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May 06, 2019

Technology is always changing, growing and evolving. It is hard to keep track of what skills are in-demand in the job market and what to learn next. Most of the surveys we see are based on Github repos, Developers’ feedback and so on. India’s tech ecosystem is huge. We are one of the biggest startup hubs in the world.

Each great product requires a great team to build it and each great team requires people who have acquired certain skills over time and those skills help them to do extra-ordinary things. We all want to do such things but most of us are plagued by the question, “What to learn next?”.

Today, we are going to look at one such tool which can help us answer this million dollar question and will allow us to level up our career — SkillGrade.

SkillGrade analyses current job postings in the market and compile them into a comprehensive list of what all skills are currently in-demand. Data can be further drilled down to location based skills, job type based skills and much more. It is a simple tool to keep you upto date on what to learn next for your dream job!

Let’s get started

You can visit the tool here — Currently, SkillGrade provides two major functionalities —

Top Skills

Top Skills

This functionality is used to find out top skills based on location, job function or in general. As you can see in the above screenshot, JavaSript is most in-demand skill right now. It occurs as a requirement in 19.40% of all job postings. Close second is Java (17.95%). Followed by Python (13.73%), Angular (11.44%) and React.js (11.00%) respectively.

We can further drill down based on location. Let’s say, we want to find out top skills in Bengaluru.

Top Skills Bengaluru

Bengaluru give us a different picture here, Java (23.64%) takes the lead. Followed by JavaScript (19.42%), Python (18.76%) and Node.js (11.66%) respectively. We also see Business Development (7.94%) and Sales (7.51%) in the picture here!

Let’s take it a step further, Data Science is the next big thing! I wonder what all skills are in-demand when it comes to Bengaluru + Data Science ??

Top Skills Bengaluru Data Science

As you can see above, Python (79.03%) rules them all here! Followed by R (62.90%), Machine Learning (51.61%) and SQL (35.48) respectively.

Top Jobs

This functionality is used to find out what kind of jobs are most popular in a city. If you don’t apply any filter then pan India results will be shown.

Top Jobs

Software Engineering (51.79%) is like the de facto king of jobs in our country! As a sidenote, Software Engineering is an umbrella term, it involves Frontend, Backend and Full-Stack jobs too. It is good to see Sales and Business (13.38%), Marketing (8.32%), Design and Creative (5.13%) jobs too as top contenders.

Now, you have a slight idea of what to learn next for your dream job. Explore the tool and learn more —

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