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Debug and Fix the Feedback Modal Component in React.js | Frontend Coding Challenge | Debugging Round | JavaScript

@Devtools Tech

This question is part of the debugging round where most of the app is pre-built with some bugs. You need to fix those bugs in a particular order within a stipulated timeframe and make it complete. This round is designed to test how well you work existing codebases and to judge your debugging skills. The interviewer is an observer in this round that helps you whenever you are blocked or stuck somewhere.

In this question, there is a Feedback Modal Component with some bugs. Your task is fix bugs from the below mentioned list to make the app fully functional as shown in the demo.



  1. Provide Feedback CTA does not work. It is not opening the modal.
  2. Answers are should be stored in the state.
  3. Selecting an answer should automatically move to the next question.
  4. Selecting the final answer should set should show the final Completion Screen.
  5. Clicking on Completion Screen CTA or closing the modal should close the modal and reset the state.


Please start the timer before starting and finish your solution within 45-60 mins. Share your solution with us on Twitter or LinkedIn.