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In this challenge, the candidate needs to create a color spotter game where you have to identify the cell that is different from the rest.

  • First, you start out with 4x4 grid, and click on the one where the shade looks slightly different.

  • Each time you pick the correct cell, a new set of NxN grid is shown and you must once again pick the cell that stands out to you as different.

Functional Specs

  • Grid should be NxN and should starts from 4x4.
  • In case of right answer, increment score by 1 and increase the size of grid by 1.
  • In case of wrong answer reset score and grid to default and shake the grid for 800ms.


Color Spotter Screen 1

Color Spotter Screen 2

Color Spotter Screen 3

Color Spotter Screen 4


Please start the timer before starting and finish your solution within 90 mins. Share your solution with us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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