Build a Text to Audio Animated Mini Project | Frontend Coding Challenge | JavaScript | CSS | Web Animations
@Yomesh Gupta

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In this question, you need to build a web app where text should be highlighted and synced with background audio.

Often companies in their machine coding rounds ask questions related to text-to-audio syncing. This question is a good way to practice that functionality and think beyond your regular problem-solving questions.

Checkout what you need to build here.

You can also see the live demo using this link.


  • The appropriate word/phrase should be highlighted as they are spoken in the audio.
  • Use gradient to highlight words. Feel free to use any gradient.
  • Words should be properly synced and the whole experience should be immersive and seamless.



Start the timer, use the file management system on the left to write modular code, implement every functionality, and share it on LinkedIn & Twitter and tag @devtoolstech @yomeshgupta