Build A Simple Cryptocurrency Portfolio Manager App | Frontend Coding Challenge | JavaScript Interview Question | React.js | HTML
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In this question you need to build a simple cryptocurrency portfolio manager app based on the following specifications.


  1. Show a Loading State initially

Loading Screen

  1. Fetch and Show Cryptocurrencies data from remote API
  • List of Top 100 Cryptocurrencies using Coinmarketcap API or our API (Data would be outdated).
  • Two cards at the top showing current portfolio and total no. of invested/bought coins.

Crypto List View

  1. Ability to update holdings. On submission, update the total portfolio value and no. of coins bought.

Crypto holdings update

Crypto holding update

  1. Updated Portfolio

Updated Portfolio

Feel free to add more functionality or enhance UI as you see fit.



Please start the timer before starting and finish your solution within 90 mins. Post your solution on Github and share it with us on Twitter or LinkedIn.